Hino Bus Range 300
Hino 300 Bus
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Hino 300 Bus

Backed by HINO Rreliability and strength, The HINO 300 BUS Range provides a suitable medium sized people carrier for your business.

This new medium-sized bus offers substantial seating capacities, with a low capital cost per passenger, ideal for transporting smaller groups of people such as students and company staff.

The HINO 300 Commuter bus series includes a specialised bus with specialised bus with wheelchair access.

This bus has been designed to allow for ease of entrance for disabled passengers. There is the option of either a lower floor area at the
rear of the bus with a manual ramp or access via a hydraulic lift ramp.

There is also flexibility in choosing the layout best suited for specific operational  requirements with more than one wheelchair station equipped with fastening clamps to secure the wheelchair in place while the bus is in motion.

These stations can also be fitted with fold-down chairs, which can be utilised when the disabled section is not in use, maximising
the cost effectiveness of each trip.

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The Hino 300 Bus Models

714 Bus SWB
Seating : 24
815 Bus LWB Auto
Seating : 32
915 Bus LWB
915 Bus LWB
Seating : 34