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There is no better way to buy a Hino Truck that suits your business needs than with Hino Financial Services (HFS). We offer a wide range of finance products and services that are at your disposal to provide you with easy solutions when considering your next truck purchase.

Hino Financial Services strives to offer finance that are designed to help meet your business needs.  

By working hand in hand, HFS and Hino Dealers draw on each other’s strengths, giving us the edge to create flexible finance products that help fit your company’s needs

We can offer you a service fully adapted to your business needs.
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Quick & Easy Financing

Through shared processes between us and HinoFinancial Services

Pre-approving Qualified Customers

For a credit line so that you our customer can more easily finance additional equipment, without the need to go through a full credit approval process each time.

Experts in the Field

Our representatives are experts in truck finance and can help you get the answers to all your truck finance questions.

Standardised Paperwork

And processes make the finance process quick and efficient.

Finance Contact Person